Many planning services and later applications with carbon concrete require special solutions and approaches. The knowledge of services and the existing and approved products of conventional technologies only allow the use of carbon reinforced concrete up to certain limits. Building with carbon reinforced concrete therefore requires its own variety of unique products. At CARBOCON we determine this at an early stage and act as a developer and licensor for our partners.

CARBOCON has the appropriate solutions, finds the right answers and continuously develops its product portfolio, whether it is products for the service sector for the strengthening of structures, materials that form the core of carbon reinforced concrete, special fastening components, components that ensure effective and smooth processes on construction sites, the manufacture of components or transport logistics.


CARBOrefit® is the new general technical approval for reinforcing with the high-performance material carbon concrete andrepresents a change for the construction industry.

CARBOrefit® stands for a sustainable and resource-saving reinforcement solution that simultaneously safeguards existing structures and increases the load-bearing capacity and durability of existing buildings. CARBOrefit® can be used efficiently, economically and in a variety of ways. The approval enables planners to find solutions for reinforcing existing buildings and, in addition, the use of carbon concrete can help achieve the climate goals in the construction industry and pass on a more liveable environment to future generations.


CARBOtruss® is a resource-efficient, large-format and ready-to-use 3D net-shape reinforcing structure for concrete. The innovative reinforcing features unique load-adapted alignment of high-performance and non-corrosive carbon yarns in an integral 3D structure.

It is ideal for both new constructing and expanding buildings, bridges, parking garages and more. The unique material, design and manufacturing method enable higher performance at a lower lifetime cost, reduce environmental impact and provide a more sustainable solution versus steel.

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DistTEX is a component solution for use in the field of carbon reinforced concrete. DistTEX are spacers or separators for textile reindorced concrete and carbon reinforced concrete or textile structures and reinforcements. The advantages of these spacers/separators from CARBOCON are a reliable positional stability of the textile structures in the formwork, the use of a less expensive casting process (in contrast to the laminating process) and a vertical production of the components (smooth on both sides).
CARBOCON's services include: The distribution and supply of spacers and separators, the development of customer-specific spacers and separators based on the DistTEX principle and the planning, as well as selection and testing of the most suitable solution for the respective project.

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The CARBOCON team is also at your disposal as a central contact partner with interdisciplinary expertise. In connection with our range of services, this enables us to take care of various customers with different requirement profiles.

CARBOCON supports the projects from the first analysis to the subsequent application. The spectrum of projects ranges from comprehensive consulting on strategic, operational and technical issues in the use of carbon reinforced concrete to 'classic' planning for the strengthening of bridges and other structures with carbon concrete.

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