CARBOCON is a leading independent service provider in the field of carbon reinforced concrete. We are your contact for any questions related to development and approval of innovative and technical solutions or patent applications. If you are looking for a partner to be at your side and support your projects from the first feasibility study, through the development and monitoring of test programmes, to the safe approval and later monitoring of the product application, then we are the right choice for you.

To best serve our customers, we bundle competencies and draw on our extensive network of experts and partners. This ensures that we always develop the optimum solution for you.

2013 | Founding impulses for an entrepreneurial structure

In 2013, there is an increasing need for an entrepreneurial structure to respond quickly and flexibly to the inquiries and demands of the industry, particularly the construction industry, when it comes to the use of innovative carbon reinforced concrete technology. Particularly within academic circles at the TU Dresden and the active carbon reinforced concrete industry network, serious consideration is given to establishing a company.

2014 | Foundation of CARBOCON GmbH as part of the TUDAG Group

At the end of 2014, CARBOCON GmbH is founded by the three founding partners: Prof. Manfred Curbach as the creative mind and developer of carbon concrete, Prof. Klaus Raps as board member and experienced construction industry professional, and Ulrich Assmann as representative of TUDAG, which supports and promotes start-ups emerging from the Dresden University of Technology with administrative and financial services.

2015 | First practical projects in application and development

At the beginning of 2015, CARBOCON accepts its first orders in the field of planning and testing support for R&D projects. Value creation is primarily achieved through a guiding and project management role and the integration of external partners and resources.

2017 | Expansion of management and growth

In mid-2017, the corporate structure is radically strengthened and adapted in order to meet the steadily increasing demand and interest in carbon reinforced concrete technology. CARBOCON is increasingly moving from the start-up phase into a growth phase. During this phase, the management is expanded and rearranged into a dual leadership with Dr Manuel Hentschel and Matthias Tietze.

2017 | Expansion of corporate and service structure

The restructuring process is characterised on the one hand by the establishment of professional project management, resulting in greater project diversity and expertise. On the other hand, general business processes are introduced in close connection with the TUDAG infrastructure to ensure entrepreneurial growth.

2018 | Expansion of personnel capacity thanks to ESF funding

In 2018, personnel capacities are expanded, and important knowledge conveyors and experts from TU Dresden are brought into CARBOCON. ESF funding via the SAB of the Free State of Saxony makes it possible to integrate personnel into the company specifically for the knowledge transfer process. With the establishment of its own format for the transfer of ideas within the framework of an innovation workshop, even better and more targeted product developments can be systematically promoted as a basis for use in construction practice.

2019 | Project diversity and product development pick up speed

The company continues to grow in 2019. Alexander Schumann joins the management board. The corporate strategy is continuously advanced, so that the field of planning and consulting services can be established, catering to a broad spectrum of customers and projects. The company also develops its own products, which are transferred from the TUD environment to industry.

Career at CARBOCON

CARBOCON is constantly developing to meet all project challenges. With us you can expect exciting and complex projects of any size and type. Be it typical construction projects in the field of building or bridge construction, infrastructure development or innovative product development for industry partners.

Teamwork, entrepreneurial thinking and short decision-making paths are important to us. With us, you will become part of the highly qualified team of experts and all-rounders. Everyone plays their part but only together can we offer our customers the greatest benefits and the best solutions.

Naturally, the focus is on carbon reinforced concrete and innovation. You will be working in the World Trade Center Dresden. Here you'll benefit from a modern working environment, excellent transport connections and the advanced training opportunities offered by the entire TUDAG Group. We look forward to receiving your application and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Aktuelle Stellenangebote

Projektmanager im Baubereich (m/w/d)

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Verantwortliches Projektmanagement, bei internen und externen CARBOCON-Projekten mit interdisziplinären Projekt-Teams
  • Überwachung des Termin- und Kostenmanagements
  • Planende Tätigkeiten und Überwachung innovativer Bauausführungen
  • Unterstützung und Verantwortung bei Machbarkeitsstudien, Wirtschaftlichkeitsbetrachtungen und Projekten im Bereich F&E
  • Qualitätsmanagement in den Projekt-Prozessen und Präsentation der CARBOCON nach innen und außen
  • Stetige Weiterentwicklung von Benchmarks und PM-Prozessen in enger Abstimmung mit der Geschäftsführung

Bauingenieur / Tragwerksplaner (m/w/d)

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Verantwortliche Bearbeitung von internen und externen CARBOCON Projekten als Teil von interdisziplinären Teams
  • Planungsleistungen im Ingenieur- und Hochbau im Sinne der Tragwerksplanung, Bemessung und Entwicklung von Bauwerken und Bauteilen mit Carbonbeton-Technologie
  • Überwachung des Termin- und Kostenmanagements, Koordination von Zulassungsprozessen bis hin zur Zuarbeit und Mitwirkung bei Gutachten
  • Unterstützung und Verantwortung bei technischen Machbarkeitsstudien und Projekten in F&E
  • Qualitätsmanagement in den Projekt-Prozessen und Präsentation der CARBOCON nach innen und außen

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CARBOCON bei den 64. Betontagen in Ulm

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Spende für Kinder- und Jugendbauernhof

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The CARBOCON team is also at your disposal as a central contact partner with interdisciplinary expertise. In connection with our range of services, this enables us to take care of various customers with different requirement profiles.

CARBOCON supports the projects from the first analysis to the subsequent application. The spectrum of projects ranges from comprehensive consulting on strategic, operational and technical issues in the use of carbon reinforced concrete technology to 'classic' planning for the strengthening of bridges and other structures with carbon concrete.

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