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64. Betontage Ulm

Kongresszentrum Edwin-Scharff-Haus, Neu-Ulm


30. Dresdner Brückenbau­symposium

Hörsaalzentrum der TU Dresden


Baukongress Wien

ACV - Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien


Erreichbarkeit über neue Telefonnummern

Mit Blick auf die Umstellung der IT-Infrastruktur wird CARBOCON ab 12. Februar 2020 über neue Rufnummern telefonisch erreichbar sein. Die jeweiligen Endziffern der einzelnen Mitarbeiter erfahren Sie aus der betreffenden E-Mail-Signatur der Mitarbeiter oder telefonisch über unseren Empfang. Das Team der CARBOCON steht Ihnen dann gern über folgende neue allgemeine Rufnummer zur Verfügung bzw. leiten wir Sie auch an den entsprechenden Mitarbeiter weiter:  +49 351 482055 00


CARBOCON bei den 64. Betontagen in Ulm

Vom 18. bis 21. Februar 2020 finden die Betontage in Ulm statt. CARBOCON ist wieder mit einem eigenen Stand bei der begleitenden Fachausstellung vor Ort vertreten und steht mit seinem Team für Fragen und Antworten zur Verfügung. Sie finden uns gleich in der Nähe des Eingangs nach dem Empfangscounter.

Zudem möchten wir Sie bereits jetzt auf die darauffolgenden Messen aufmerksam machen, bei denen wir ebenfalls mit einem Team und Stand vertreten sind. Diese sind das 30. Brückenbausymposium in Dresden am 09./10. März. 2020 sowie der Baukongress in Wien am 23./24. April 2020.


Spende für Kinder- und Jugendbauernhof

Gemeinsam im Team haben wir uns entschlossen, dieses Jahr auf Geschenke und Weihnachtskarten für unsere Partner zu verzichten und stattdessen für ein gemeinnütziges Projekt zu spenden. CARBOCON wird zusammen mit dem Initiatoren-Team aus dem Umfeld der TU Dresden ein Projekt auf dem Kinder- und Jugendbauernhof Nickern e. V. in Dresden unterstützen. Dort werden Klettergerüste und Kletterwände errichtet und vielleicht auch die eine oder andere Sitzgelegenheit aus Carbonbeton.


Impulse seminars at the 11th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days 2019 in Dresden

On 24 and 25 September 2019, the annual user conference takes place in Dresden. CARBOCON once again has its own stand at the accompanying trade exhibition and is available with its team for questions and answers. A presentation on current projects is also planned. For the first time, the conference will include 'impulse seminars', at which participants can further their education in various subject areas. CARBOCON will look at aspects important for structural engineers with regard to the design of carbon reinforced concrete structures in new construction and strengthening. Furthermore, a second impulse seminar will demonstrate how to gain project-related approval and national technical approval.

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Project progress - reconstruction of the Thainburg pedestrian bridge

As a leading supplier in the field of carbon reinforced concrete technology, CARBOCON is currently entrusted with various monument reconstruction projects. One of the oldest reinforced concrete bridges is located in Naumburg in Saxony-Anhalt and was built using the Monier construction method which was very innovative at that time. The Thainburg bridge is being renovated now after more than 125 years. CARBOCON is supporting the project along with the TU Dresden and a planning office. Comprehensive structural design services were provided to integrate carbon reinforced concrete in the reinforcement of the bridge arch. In addition, CARBOCON helps the client with regard to the approval process. On the basis of the existing national technical approval for strengthening with textile concrete, a project-related approval is used with argumentation.


First carbon reinforced concrete road bridge

Carbon reinforced concrete technology continues to attract attention in the industry: planning for the first road bridge for heavy-duty traffic made of carbon reinforced concrete is underway in Saxony. An existing bridge on the S111, east of Bautzen, about 7 meters long, is to be restored using carbon concrete technology.

CARBOCON is in charge of the planning and approval process. The CARBOCON team also acts as the central interface between the clients and the partners involved in the project. The Free State of Saxony is acting as the client.


Reconstruction of monuments with innovative carbon reinforced concrete technology

The hypar shell in Magdeburg is not only a cultural landmark but also one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in the city. In the multi-purpose hall, which was built in 1969, fairs, concerts and other events used to take place. In 1990 the prominent building was listed as a historical monument. For more than 20 years the hypar shell Magdeburg has been closed because of dilapidation. The renovation of the hypar shell is being carried out with innovative carbon reinforced concrete technology, thus ensuring the appearance and design of Ulrich Müther are retained in line with the regulations for historical monuments. CARBOCON and its partners are supporting the city of Magdeburg in the planning and implementation of the reconstruction. The architectural design for this application is being prepared by the architectural firm gmp.


Carbon reinforced concrete megatrend - trade fair review at the beginning of 2019

In the first half of 2019 CARBOCON participated as exhibitor and partner in several trade fairs and conferences. Following BAU 2019 in Munich, CARBOCON presented its range of products and services in February at the 63rd 'Betontage' in Ulm, at the Bridge Construction Symposium in Dresden and in March at the 'Deutsche Bautechnik-Tag' (DBT) in Stuttgart. Special highlights at the DBT were the honouring of Prof. Manfred Curbach with the Emil-Mörsch commemorative coin, his subsequent lecture on the carbon reinforced concrete megatrend and the lecture by Dr Manuel Hentschel on the hypar shell Magdeburg. A four metre-long demonstration showed the trade audience how carbon reinforced concrete can be used to build with millimetre precision and to save resources.

Photo: © Roads.NRW 

News on current bridge projects

CARBOCON looks back on a successful first half of 2019. In the area of civil engineering in particular, several projects were significantly developed. The Thainburg Bridge project in Naumburg was supported already at the turn of the year. The project-related approval process for the application of the 6-layer carbon reinforced concrete strengthening of a motorway bridge was also carried out by CARBOCON. Moreover, early on in the project, the experts demonstrated the feasibility of using carbon reinforced concrete technology to strengthen existing structures or construct new ones for four other bridges. All structures are located in different federal states and thus ensure the dissemination of the technology by CARBOCON.


CARBOCON as exhibitor in Winterthur/Switzerland

The advantages of carbon concrete technology are also attracting increasing interest internationally. One of the advantages of carbon reinforced concrete technology is its increased durability. While ordinary steel reinforced concrete structures only have a service life of about 40 to 80 years, carbon concrete structures are expected to last 200 years and more. Durability can be optimised by appropriate planning, execution and quality control. On 7 June 2018, the CARBOCON team will be pleased to welcome you to the conference "Textilbeton in der Praxis" (Textile concrete in practice) at the ZHAW in Winterthur. We will be happy to advise and inform you about these topics at our trade fair stand and will be at your disposal as your contact partner.


User training in carbon concrete from EIPOS

At the beginning of May 2019, a user training course on carbon reinforced concrete technology was held. Over two days, theoretical knowledge was imparted with regard to, for example, materials, dimensioning, storage and existing permits. On the second day there was a particular focus on practical aspects of how reinforcement can be specifically applied to structures and components using carbon reinforced concrete technology. Here all participants could work with the material themselves. At the end of the course, the participants received a certificate after successful completion of an examination, documenting the qualification they had acquired.

©Bildschön/German Future Prize 

Dresden carbon reinforced concrete technology receives German Future Prize

On 30 November 2016, the Federal President of Germany, Joachim Gauck, awarded the German Future Prize to the carbon reinforced concrete researchers Prof. Manfred Curbach, Prof. Chokri Cherif and Prof. Peter Offermann from the TU Dresden. The professors are among the leading minds in the research of carbon reinforced concrete and are successfully driving the launch of the building material onto the market. They have succeeded in developing a corrosion-resistant and resource-saving alternative to conventional steel reinforced concrete. With the fascinating composite material, carbon reinforced concrete, they are marking the beginning of a new construction era. The German Future Prize from the Federal President is one of the most important science prizes in Germany.


CARBOCON at the 10th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days in Dresden

On 25 and 26 September 2018, the 10th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days took place at the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden. For the tenth anniversary, there were more than 50 presentations drawing on industry practice and research, providing an extensive spectrum of knowledge on new construction, reconstruction and development of components using carbon reinforced concrete technology. CARBOCON gave an account of the reconstruction project for the hypar shell in Magdeburg - a cultural landmark, built according to the plans of Ulrich Müther. The presentation was held on 26 September 2018 from 13:30 in Hall 1.


Great interest in bridge construction

In the middle of March 2018 the 28th Brückenbausymposium took place in Dresden. The Bridge Construction Prize was awarded in the presence of the Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr Michael Kretschmer, and the responsible Federal State Secretary, Mr Rainer Bomba.

CARBOCON was present at the accompanying fair with its own booth and provided detailed information about carbon reinforced concrete services, projects and technology. It was particularly encouraging that the innovative technology was met with lively interest from many of those involved in bridge construction and was also the subject of other presentations.


CARBOCON as exhibitor at the 9th Carbon and Textile Reinforced Concrete Days in Dresden

On 27 and 28 September 2017 the leading trade fair for carbon and textile reinforced concrete technology took place in Dresden. After the welcoming address by Dr Hartmut Mangold, Undersecretary of the State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport (SMWA), the more than 300 visitors had the opportunity to inform themselves about current developments and trends as well as completed and ongoing projects. CARBOCON was present at the conference with its own booth and information about its own projects, products and services. It was encouraging to see the keen interest with which the visitors informed themselves for the first time about the innovative technologies. This also showed that carbon and textile reinforced concrete are becoming more and more important for companies and experts.

© Thilo Schoch

CARBOCON establishes important contacts at the Bautechniktag in Stuttgart

On 27 and 28 April 2017, the Deutsche Bautechnik-Tag 2017 took place in Stuttgart. Mr Klaus Pöllath (Chairman of the DBV) opened the conference under the motto Dialogue Innovation Quality in front of an audience of approx. 1,500. The numerous managing directors, board members and employees of the construction industry who were present followed the speech with great interest, particularly when the chairman spoke about carbon reinforced concrete as one of the most important innovations for the construction industry. Carbon reinforced concrete will have a lasting impact on the industry and will be the answer to many issues and challenges in the coming years. CARBOCON was present at the Bautechniktag for the first time. Intensive discussions on the new technology took place and valuable contacts were established for potential projects.

The CARBOCON team is also at your disposal as a central contact partner with interdisciplinary expertise. In connection with our range of services, this enables us to take care of various customers with different requirement profiles.

CARBOCON supports the projects from the first analysis to the subsequent application. The spectrum of projects ranges from comprehensive consulting on strategic, operational and technical issues in the use of carbon reinforced concrete technology to 'classic' planning for the strengthening of bridges and other structures with carbon concrete.

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