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Development services and consulting for industrial partners with regard to material qualifications

The industry partner Koch developed a strengthening layer of carbon reinforced concrete for multi-storey car parks, which, in addition to a structural bending strengthening also functions as active cathodic corrosion protection by means of a direct current. The carbon fabrics form the anode and conduct a current. In addition to preliminary trials, as part of this collaboration, CARBOCON is developing a test concept in order to investigate the durability of the carbon reinforced concrete in the present combination, taking into account the influence of the electric current applied to the carbon fabric.

Project managerM. Tietze

Unsere Leistungen

  • Execution and monitoring of tests with short-term load
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the endurance tests as well as documentation
  • Advising the principal on development

The CARBOCON team is also at your disposal as a central contact partner with interdisciplinary expertise. In connection with our range of services, this enables us to take care of various customers with different requirement profiles.

CARBOCON supports the projects from the first analysis to the subsequent application. The spectrum of projects ranges from comprehensive consulting on strategic, operational and technical issues in the use of carbon reinforced concrete technology to 'classic' planning for the strengthening of bridges and other structures with carbon concrete.

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