Foto: Ulrich van Stripriaan

Reference Cooperation Project/Research Project

Transfer of ideas and knowledge into the economy

In this project, carbon reinforced concrete is to be applied profitably within the construction industry. Based on the existing state of knowledge from research into carbon reinforced concrete, application-oriented potentials should be used to make this technology accessible to a broad specialist audience. The focus here is on being able to react quickly and flexibly to the needs and requirements of industry. In addition, "bridges should be built" in the interests of the construction industry, in order to compensate for the lack of certain expertise there and to be able to adequately answer the open questions and challenges in connection with new technologies.

PartnerTUD and others
PrincipalESF via SAB
Project managerJ. Bochmann

Unsere Leistungen

  • Promotion of knowledge transfer into the economy through workshops and publications
  • Practice-oriented supervision of practical projects with scientific input
  • Support of transformation processes

The CARBOCON team is also at your disposal as a central contact partner with interdisciplinary expertise. In connection with our range of services, this enables us to take care of various customers with different requirement profiles.

CARBOCON supports the projects from the first analysis to the subsequent application. The spectrum of projects ranges from comprehensive consulting on strategic, operational and technical issues in the use of carbon reinforced concrete to 'classic' planning for the strengthening of bridges and other structures with carbon concrete.

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